Marketing Services in China

China is a rapidly growing consumer market and more and more companies throughout the world are looking for ways to develop marketing, branding and communication that is relevant to Chinese consumers.

Any one interested in China must keep in mind a few unique characteristics of the country. First, they have a strong preference for novelty, which leads them to constantly seek out the newest products available. Second, they are early adapters of new technology and have embraced social and digital media. Finally, while they enjoy the status conferred by luxury brands, they usually lack the emotional ties that would lead to brand loyalty.

To find out the answer for such emerging Chinese Market, MKO is the key for you. MKO is a fast-paced, international office with strong local knowledge. We’re uniquely positioned to execute multinational client campaigns across the region and beyond.


Marketing Services in Korea

Known as one of East Asia's 'Dragons', South Korea has become one of the world's most significant emerging markets. Korean economy is now the 12th largest economy in the world and is also among the world's most technologically advanced and digitally-connected countries.

Koreans today are relatively free spenders and make buying decisions based on getting ahead – or at least, not falling behind – socially. Koreans will spend based on social pressures, at least as much as based on functionality.

Also, Koreans take great pride in their country’s ethnic homogeneity and are deeply influenced by Confucian values that stress group identity and social harmony. MKO Corporation gives you access to a wide range of products and services from Korean businesses who are ready to do Business in the global marketplace.


Located in the center of the Korean Peninsula, Seoul has served as the country’s capital for 600 years. At present, Seoul takes upon itself the role of the hub of Northeast Asia. Here is an introduction of Seoul as a place where the past blends with the present.


Incheon is the second biggest port city in Korea to truly begin modernizing. Incheon International Airport, Incheon Bridge and Incheon Songdo International City, a free economic zone, have recently emerged to show a new side of Incheon.


Situated on the most south-eastern portion of the Korean peninsula, Busan is Korea's second largest city and the number 1 trading port. Korea's first truly international city, Busan connects Asia, Europe, and North America.

United States

Marketing Services in U.S.

Brand marketing is a top priority for MKO Corporation. As a research-based organization, we have been proactive in using visitor data and market intelligence to develop innovative programs that contribute to sustainable economic growth. In order to implement the MKO's long-term strategic plans, we focus on major marketing areas, collaborate with our global marketing partners, and work with industry stakeholders to create efficient marketing solutions that improve and strengthen the economy.